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  • Brite supply fully insured ebikes and emopeds for corporate or university campuses, hotel tourism as well as food delivery moped managed services on the island of Ireland.

    Brite End User Rental Pricing

    Corporate Ebike Pricing

    Galway Tourist Pricing

    Delivery Bike Pricing

    Be Brite, ride safely. Follow these steps to ensure every trip is safe and enjoyable.

    Safety - Brite provide you with a fully insured system but we rely on you to wear your helmet when riding.

    Sign up - with your personal details, credit card and driver’s licnese to access Brite. Provisional or full EU drivers license required.

    Start the vehicle

    Scan the vehicle’s QR code to start the bike. You will hear a ping sound and your screen will light up.

    Riding your ebike Safely

    Use cycle lanes where possible. Don’t use footpaths and beware of friendly pedestrians. You are travelling on a moving mechanical vehicle so concentrate on the road!

    Press P to Park or Pause and lock your bike, you are still paying for parking but at a much lower rate than driving. Press D to drive


    Please park correctly – don’t obstruct entrances, footpaths, disabled spaces. If you are taking a break or dropping your bike or moped back to your parking Station please make sure you lock the unit to a solid structure

    Ending your ride

    You can end your session back where you got your bike from by clicking end ride and taking a picture of it parked.

    No Go Zones

    Beware of where you are not allowed ride your Brite vehicle, these will be visible in the maps.

    Start your journey, download Brite today

    Brite Android App

    Brite IOS App

    Brite Ebike Specs

    • Digital Display – Speed, Battery range, Trip
    • Max Speed – 25 km/h
    • Brakes - Front and Rear Drum
    • IOT - QR code activation with GPS tracking
    • Battery - Replaceable Lithium Ion - 60kms range
    • Return To Base rentals

    More About Brite

    Brite supply ebikes and emopeds for corporate or university campuses, hotel tourism as well as delivery vehicle managed services for food and grocery delivery businesses on the island of Ireland.

    We provide ebikes, escooters, emopeds to move your company’s employees or guests around. Approved Brite members scan a vehicle and ride on!

    Brite use the most advanced hardware designed for safety, we train our riders, we provide safety equipment and we promote safe riding.

    Minimum age 17+ and an EU drivers license

    Brite riders are covered by our insurance policy so don’t worry. If you have an accident, take pictures and contact us through the Brite app, we will take it from there.

    As far as you like as long as its within our operational areas and you have enough battery!

    Yes, we provide mopeds for food delivery on a weekly, monthly or annual lease including maintenance and insurance.

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